Our Story

Celebrating our Eastern heritage in a modern Sydney setting

Mulan Music Restaurant & Bar is where the past combines seamlessly with the future. Here we celebrate all things Eastern and traditional, from classic décor to the soft ambience of paper lanterns, while opening the door to the future with a moody, punk-inspired vibe. We have intentionally created an ambience that demonstrates our pride in the traditional aspects of our heritage in a chic modern venue – perfect to appeal to all, across cultures and generations.



Whatever your musical tastes, you’re sure to be entertained here at Mulan. We feature a wide range of Sydney’s top talents on our dedicated stage, from up-and-coming musicians to more established names. We cover an extensive variety of musical genres – stay in touch to find out what’s on!


Let your senses be overwhelmed by our modern Szechuan menu. Our expert chefs are highly skilled at combining traditional and contemporary flavours to produce outstanding dishes every time. Once you’ve tried Mulan’s menu, you’re sure to want to return again and again.


From classic whisky to sophisticated cognac, home-made wine and much more, you can sit back and relax with our luxurious drinks menu, featuring something to appeal to every palate.

Private Rooms

When you want a night out that’s a little more exclusive, you can hire a VIP room here at Mulan. We won’t admit anyone else, enabling you and your friends to have your own private party in true celebrity style.

Outdoor Area

Mulan features a stunning outdoor area that blends seamlessly into the indoor areas of the venue. You can choose to hire just the outdoor area for smaller parties wanting easy access to the bar, or include the outdoor section in a whole venue hire, providing the ultimate variety for your guests.

Venue Setup

Our venue has recently had an extensive renovation, combining the very best of Chinese culture with all the contemporary features you can expect from a modern venue in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We have created a unique, classy vibe truly unlike any other.


Explore our beautiful venue and its features here